Transition Sentinel Vs Stumpjumper Evo

Transition Sentinel Vs Stumpjumper EvoThe Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. The Stumpjumper Evo 29 is Specialized trail biking at its purest (Image credit: Specialized ) Specialized is one of the original American mountain bike brands. The blur doesn't belong in this test is the greater point im trying to make. The Evo is more for Trail through occasional bike park laps- a true do it all whip for the aggressive rider. I can name some more if you're looking for 140 or 160 rear as well. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper Expert, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ full suspension mountain bikes. Specialized Introduces the Stumpjumper Evo Alloy. Stumpjumper Evo 29er seems to be a bit out there for Specialized with a 63 degree head angle. The Top Fuel is a very capable descender, but its well-proportioned geometry is just half the story. I'm a big fan of the Transition Sentinel but the new Evo is probably going to be my next bike. Process 134 vs 2020 Stumpjumper : r/MTB. But yeah you really can't go wrong in the budget you are looking at. Specialized Stumpjumper evo comp alloy vs Transition Sentinel …. Wish I'd of got the Evo looking back and my bikes a few years on are now slack (Patrol at 63HTA and 22' Levo at 63. If you are interested in the Sentinel, the Stumpjumper Evo is worth a look – more balanced geometry (well, a longer rear end), masses of . I cracked the frame in the fall and currently waiting for my crash replacement. - The Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29 lives to get gnarly. 6 pounds heavier than the carbon version. FSR is a "four-bar" suspension or "Horst-link" design. The Sentinel Carbon XO1 has better components, while the Spire Carbon XT has more travel. Specialized dropped the XXL size in 2019. Though bikes have lightweight FACT 11m carbon frames, the Stumpjumper Evo Comp has a lighter rear-end. And since Noah Bodman already covered the basic design differences really …. Now in ALLOY // Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy: First Look. Read more: Best full-suspension trail bikes for 2020. Stumpjumper EVO? Got one 2 months ago, doing everything from aggressive trail riding to DH tracks,. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy 2022 on the trail. Upgrading the shifter will immediately improve the feel of your shifting. Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy Comp details. It will get you up any mountain in a super relaxed and efficient manner, no matter how steep, and scores with a good mix of agility and composure on the descents. It doesn’t even try to pretend to be the fastest …. Internal derailleur and dropper seatpost routing; external brake cable routing. Putting them on a spectrum, given their suspension designs and geo, the ripmo is definitely going to pedal the best, the evo will descend/handle chunk the best, and the sentinel is kinda in the middle (though, again, you’re not going to be limited on any of them). I also tested the Specialized Epic Evo, same story. Best Hardtail for Trail Riding: Salsa Timberjack XT 29. #stumpjumperevo #stumpjumper #iamspecialized2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Expert:https://www. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. The Transition Sentinel Alloy NX, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, and Transition Spire Alloy Deore are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension enduro bikes. I was on the verge of ordering a Transition Sentinel GX Alloy, but the weight posting of the NX build really threw me off. 6º; Wheelbase: 1228mm (S2), 1258mm (S3) Within the Stumpjumper line up, the Evo is considered the high-speed “Enduro-ized. My first impression is I like it a lot. There are big differences though. The Stumpy is going to be a better "do it all" kind of bike whereas others have stated, the TR might be tailored for a bit more downhill. Field Test: 2022 Stumpjumper Alloy. It's now essentially a motorized version of the Stumpjumper EVO, complete with the highly adjustable geometry that helped make that bike such a hit. The Stumpjumper Evo frame is a pound lighter. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert 2022 Review. Metric Shocks: Sizing Tool. Other current bikes are an ‘11 carbon. With that said, the Ripmo isn't that much more efficient than the newest generation of the Evo. I went with a M vs the Sentinel which I had in L. This shorter-travel Stumpjumper is available in five sizes, with four builds centered around the carbon frame ranging from $4,700 to $10,500, and …. Specialized checks off every single box with this bike, underlines a few, and adds some of their own. Stumpjumper EVO Alloy Frameset. Tested] Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert. • Mixed ("Mullet") wheels: 29" front, 27. Coming off a recent bike with similar geometry – the 2020 Norco Sight – it’s going to be impossible to not compare it to other bikes I’ve recently reviewed, as well as my personal 29″ trail bike, the Transition Sentinel. The Specialized Stumpjumper and Santa Cruz Hightower are high-performance quiver killers. I've pretty much settled on a Stumpjumper Comp but I'm struggling whether or not to get it in carbon. Everything You wanted to know about Metric Shocks. This took entirely new manufacturing processes covered by Pete in his rundown of the new Sentinel. The geometry is all modern, and all Transition. noplacelikeloam (Jun 7, @seanlah: transition sentinel - try one… better on shocks. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Specialized Stumpjumper …. That original, 26-inch, alloy-only, Stumpy Evo wasn’t flashy, and it was relatively affordable. If climbing performance doesn’t matter, Sentinel. io/StumpJumperDiscountedJKW (anything purchased from that link will directly help suppo. As such, the Sentinel requires an active and determined riding style despite the long chainstays. Those slack angles, extra 15mm (0. The bike’s long-and-low geometry …. You might be dealing with a situation where the bike and shock tune do not work well for a rider at your weight. Would like some outside opinion on a choice between 2 bikes; a new specialized status 160 (mullet, 160mm travel, fox rhythm/float suspension, sram R code breaks, all aluminum) versus a used specialized 2020 stumpjumper expert (150/140mm travel, ALL carbon (wheels too), fox performance suspension, sram gx, sram. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension enduro bikes. Most homegrown mullet set-ups have significant effects on a bike’s geometry and suspension— Specialized has seen the benefits of running a smaller rear wheel. Adding the mixed wheel option to the 2021 EVO’s wide range of adjustability is music to the ears of a bike geek like myself. A few others you may want to look at are the Specialized Status (if you can find it), possibly the Transition Sentinel Alloy (will have a worse spec, bit will be more capable on the downs than a 141 or Ripmo AF. Since you already having Epic Evo, the Stumpy Evo will be great addition, but if you want to have only one bike, the regular Stumpy will be better choice as all mountain bike. Specialized’s numbers for a “high” setting are beyond any concept of progressive design and have gone into new territory for a trail bike. It’s really impressively light. Stumpjumper is as old school as it gets - short, steepish head angle, slack seat angle. The new Status 160 is designed around a 160mm travel fork with the now de rigour 44mm – it seems that the industry has settled on this offset measurement. The Stumpjumper excels in agility and technical prowess, while the Transition Sentinel conquers with its versatility and endurance. The Sentinel Alloy GX has an aluminum frame and a better fork, the Stumpjumper EVO Comp has better components and higher gearing, and the MEGATOWER R / Carbon C has more travel. They are downhill-slaying, uphill-crushing, all-around good-time-ha. Fun factor is also pretty important to me. Pedaling uphill, they both work qite well. 2021 Ibis Ripmo Long Term Review · MTB yumyum. Comparing the Occam to the 2021 Stumpjumper alloy comp for nearly same price and it seems to have a tier higher drivetrain and fork but a downgrade in brakes. Founded by Mike Sinyard, who remains chairman, it has remained true to its …. Of course weight isn’t everything, and it’s unsurprising that the new frame has gotten heavier given how much longer and slacker it is. The finish and the flowing lines of the Transition Sentinel are beautiful. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy. The regular SB130 is a great climber. I do not BELIEVE that you can be as excited as I am about this video because IT IS NEW BIKE DAY! Check out my Transition Sentinel GX Alloy build. It has a slacked-out front-end and a longer top tube, so the EVO has heavier steering, exceptional front-end traction, and it begs you to boost every lip. Banshee as well- some nice builds on …. Stumpjumper Evo S-Works $9,899. There's now an aluminum version of the Stumpjumper EVO, complete with a SWAT box for snack storage. Nonetheless, I cannot believe that a $5k bike comes spec'd with SX Eagle lol. You could also consider the Scott Ransom. It also features 29in wheels, …. The biggest change however is the increased top tube length. in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Like the 2021 Stumpjumper Evo, the standard Stumpy has the same “Rider-First Engineered” approach to the bike’s feel and, in theory, a 50kg rider on the smallest. com/us/en/stumpjumper-evo-expert/p/175269?color=3. Actually, Specialized actually calls it an ‘ aggressive short travel trail bike ‘, which I’d is pretty apt. If you ride a medium that’s a killer spec for cheap. 2015 Scout Transition - 425mm CS. The patrol is like a mini-dh bike, but it actually pedals amazingly well for a bike with 160mm of travels. Part II of the 2021 Stumpjumper EVO review experience will focus on riding it as …. The Transition takes a modern approach, let’s call it enduro-inspired geometry. Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 29 12 Speed (Large, $2250) https: Transition, and Ibis, but those bikes all seem unnecessarily expensive for me. 2021 STUMPJUMPER EVO - USER MANUAL - CHINESE SIMPLIFIED. That’s a lot of similarity, but the numbers that are different are a lot different. half the price of the flagship carbon frame. Stumpjumper, Revel Rascal, Santa Cruz Tallboy, etc), I think the When I owned my Sentinel, it felt like a reasonable “one bike to do it all. The medium Sentinel has a 450mm reach, and the Rail29 a 447mm reach, which is effectively identical. Not bad, considering what that gets you, but definitely a high barrier to entry for a bike that has such broad appeal. Staff Rides: Mike Kazimer's Transition Spur. Transition Bikes: Trek Bikes: We Are One: Yeti Cycles: YT Industries: click here for a complete list of bikes. Whatever gets you riding sooner :) stumpjumper EVO, very nimble and compact feeling compared to sentinel, does the same job though. Canyon Spectral 29 Review. Compare: 2023 Transition Sentinel Carbon AXS vs Specialized …. The Loam Wolf recently tested out the 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy. On top of that, Specialized also uses traditional suspension on the EVO as opposed to the pedal-assisting Brain system on the normal Epic. A step short of the super-enduro 29ers of today, but it was remarkably long, even while the rate of frame-lengthening was at its peak. What it does seem to be is pragmatic yet ambitious design that isn’t afraid to go to 11 only to take it back half a turn to the sweet spot. Well, it looks like the 2021 EVO models have an XXL (S6) size! Reach: 528. Turbo Levo Long Shock Kit (2022-Current) Turbo Levo Long Shock. Yet, it was one of the first mass-produced bikes to meld aggressive-trail intentions with cross-country efficiency. The large Sentinel's reach number is the same as the EVO's, and both bikes have slack head angles, although the EVO wins the slack battle – it's. While the Meta TR does get fancier Factory Series suspension, it sells for almost $1,500 more than the Canyon. Said if you prioritize going up the ripmo is a better climber with the dw link, but the sentinel wins the downs with the Horst link Sent from my iPhone using …. So far I’m loving it, got some good climbing in today and I’m impressed. This travel splits the difference between the previous 140/150mm “long travel. Transition Scout vs Sentinel [Reply] 12 0. 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Test Ride & Review. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy. Contemplating bumping the fork to 170 and compensating with the flip chip in the stays to. Just bought an EVO frame for the wife since its such a lightweight do it all bike as well and all the geometry adjustability is. Have had several friends crack evil frames this year. The Stumpjumper’s efficient suspension aids in maintaining traction, while the Transition Sentinel’s geometry provides a balanced weight distribution for optimal climbing. The anti-squat kinematics on the 2021 Specialized Epic Evo are actually more robust than the Epic to make up for it—which made for a really supportive pedaling platform on technical climbs. The main geometry figure I focused on when choosing the Epic Evo was the head tube angle. I’d be looking for swap: frame, fork, And the dropper. One big benefit of the Evo (assuming it's the new one) is that you have major adjustability with the bike's geometry to suit your terrain. After research, I have mostly scoped down my choices to Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy ($2400) and EVO Comp ($4300). The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert, Transition Sentinel Carbon GX, and Santa Cruz HIGHTOWER S / Carbon C / 29 are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension mountain bikes. If you can swing it, go with the elite. Frame: FACT 11m full carbon frame, asymmetrical design, 27. Since this In for Test, we have been putting this “do-it-all” bike through its paces. Stumpjumper Evo: Unleashing the Beast. As a comparison, here are other seat tube lengths from other brands for size medium: Transition Sentinel (390), Norco Sight (395), Stumpjumper 29 EVO (405), Ibis Ripmo AF (380). "Specialized 29, hookless alloy, 30mm inner width, tubeless ready. The Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. Comparing the Trail Dominators: Stumpjumper Evo vs. 4 Componentry Excellence; Transition Sentinel: Conquering the Trails. Designed to be ridden hard and offer top-shelf performance at a more affordable. I currently ride a custom built Specialized Enduro, which I love, but saw. Fully enclosed internal cable routing, …. 14:44 2021 Transition Sentinel . There are certainly better niche bikes to be had, but as far as doing everything really well, it's hard to beat the Stumpy EVO. Last time I check in with the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, the rear wheel had decided to not spin very freely despite my best efforts and the original spec rubber was holding back the bike’s desire to fling itself down anything and everything I could point it at. For some context, I’ve been running an alloy Stumpjumper EVO with 27. 2022 Stumpjumper Evo vs 2021 Enduro. Moreno5 (Nov 15, Canfield Balance VS Transition Patrol [Reply] 2 0. You have the Epic EVO (120/110mm) the Stumpjumper (140/130mm) and the Stumpjumper EVO (160/140mm). With front and rear travel in the 130mm to 160mm range, these mountain bikes are usually classed as trail or all-mountain bikes. it fit me (I'm six-foot-six) and 2. llll Review: Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert 2022 ️ 129 MTBs in the category Enduro up to 8000 € in direct comparison ️ totally objective reviewed. The Transition Sentinel Carbon Complete NX, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, and Santa Cruz HIGHTOWER R / Carbon C / 29 are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension mountain bikes. Top it off with a build that blends quality, affordability, and durability, and it’s the perfect trail partner, no matter where those trails are, or how rowdy they get…. Sentinel is a bike that everyone loves. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Pro 29 Mountain Bike Review. Like its Evo sibling, the new standard Stumpjumper is only available as a 29in-wheeled bike. If you are just getting back into and won’t push the bike that hard at 245lbs then the stock s4 should be fine. The 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29 is a Enduro and Trail mountain bike. Canyon spectral vs stumpjumper evo. Looking to spend around $4000 USD. Sentinel Alloy NX Transition · 2022. ly/stumpjumper-evoGet More from Specialized: Follow Specialized on Instag. Trek Marlin 5 Mountain Bike 2024 Power Surge. but since you brought it up, the specific bikes inquired about: 2016 Kona Process 134 DL - 425mm CS. The Stumpjumper EVO Comp has a carbon frame and better components, while the Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy has a better fork. It's a new setup finally for Spec in 2021. Ibis Ripmo V2 in review – More than just an enduro bike?. These are my thoughts after six weeks on my Stumpjumper Evo Expert size S4 (5'11). I would definitely recommend a Spire over a Sentinel. It isn't nearly as adjustable as the EVO, but it is much lighter in weight. Part II of the 2021 Stumpjumper EVO review experience will focus on riding it as a mullet. For someone who wants to be able to do everything, the sentinel will suite your needs much better. The Stumpjumper EVO Pro has carbon 29″ carbon wheels, better components, and a better fork. The FSR design found on pre-2021 Stumpjumpers. What I tested here is not that bike. Either bike will be good, with the Sentinel being a bit more. The Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Pro Carbon has landed. Bike of the Day: Stumpjumper EVO . Let’s start this off by saying the Sentinel wasn’t made solely for climbing. Tested : Pete's 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy …. The Evo version, however, has more suspension travel and more relaxed geometry, turning it into a versatile short-travel trail bike. I spent the previous four seasons on two different instances of the V1 Transition Sentinel. Stumpjumper EVO Alloy LTD Frameset. It isn’t compatible with the alloy frame or older Stumpys. Who is Running a Coil on the Sentinel?. Trek Top Fuel Scott Spark Revel Ranger Kona Hei Hei Orbea Oiz TR. The clevis link that connects the shock to the rear triangle puts a lot of downward force on the shock from the clevis end. Saddle heights for effective seat tube angles listed above: 600mm (SM), 660mm (MD), 720mm (LG), 780mm (XL), 820mm (XXL). The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Pro, Transition Sentinel Carbon GX, and Transition Spire Carbon GX are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension enduro bikes. The specs look about the same, the notatable difference is that SJ has a Swat Box and Sentinel has a better dropper. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO 2021 (mullet link available for purchase, no changes in geo) Transition Patrol 2021 Transition Spire 2021 (high mode: 62. The Scout carries forward the 140-millimeter rear travel and 150mm front of the carbon version, and is available in a $5,000 GX and a $3,900 NX build kit. But we've seen the 2019 Enduro Comp go from $4500NZ to $7500NZ in the 2020. Stumpjumper is one of the longest lasting names in mountain biking, and for good reason. Sentinel alloy vs Stumpjumper evo alloy? : r/mountainbiking. Went with the XL and the bike was great -- and now I want one. 2023 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo S-Works frame Enduro Frames Condition : New - Unridden 2022 M Transition Spire Huckleberry FRAME AND SHOCK 2024 Fox X2 (unridden, warranty replacement) Frame. Your custom modification parts and springs are selected from our inventory and added to the customer data sheet. Pivot’s EWS proven enduro mountain bikes are the stuff all mountain dreams are made of. Adjustable geometry with six different settings; Horst link chips adjust bottom bracket height (by 10mm) and chainstay length; eccentric upper headset cups and a spherical lower bearing allow three head angle positions (adjustable by 2 degrees) Wheel Size. Best downcountry mountain bikes of 2023. I am open to other bike suggestions price range is between $3000-40000. Just like the EVO, it’s now possible to purchase an aftermarket mullet link for the Specialized Stumpjumper. with a longer stem, longer dropper and saddle pushed all the way back im comfortable on it, genuinely no complaints about my fit. In this article, I will share our top 3 upgrades to the Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy along with some noteworthy runner-ups. The balanced seating position is likely to suite the taste of the majority of bikers. Throw a zeb on a sentinel if you’re worried about sacrificing climbing and that could potentially solve your woes. CDT77 (Jun 3, 2021 at 6:08) It’s the same in size large as Transitions own Sentinel, the Norco Sight, and my Kona Process 153. The price range of Stumpjumper bikes is between 2000 and 11500 dollars. It climbs and accelerates like it has a motor, descends with authority, and flat out tears through every conceivable trail condition. Stumpy is more equivalent to the fuel ex from trek (although the evo is pretty close). S-Sizing - S1, S2, S3, S4 (tested), S5, S6. The super-short seat tube (425 mm in S4) allows you to choose between at least two frame sizes and pick your …. Read our full test review of the Evil Following V3 GX Eagle. So I expected a similar, but improved, bike. You can get in on the bottom floor with the Stumpjumper Alloy for $2,400, but this is the higher-end of the two metal models, the $3,200 Stumpjumper Comp Alloy. Transition Smuggler vs Santa Cruz 5010. but they’re very different rides. The History of the Specialized Stumpjumper. However, the new Stumpjumper EVO. The 2023 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp is an Enduro Carbon mountain bike. The Spire feels a bit stiffer to me, in a good way. Trek top fuel 5 2022 vs orbea occam H30 2021 vs specialized stumpjumper. Transition Spire Carbon XT € 7199. The Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. The new model promises to be a no-compromises affair. $4,899 USD (!) With what is easily one of the best MTB innovations in years, Specialized managed to engineer a headset system that can go from a neutral 0º upper cup to a +/- 1º with one or two allen wrenches and a 5 minute trailside swap. Transition’s Spur is its all-country bike that’s been designed from the ground up to “effortlessly explore, seek and pursue the mountain in ways you never imagined. Or Specialized could have made the Stumpjumper Evo ramp up earlier and more drastically. It manages to strike a great balance between grip, tracking, and precision. Hi, Looking for feedback and input from anybody who has experience with both bikes. Bikes Compare More Bike Comparison. Two of those weeks have been doing "big mountain" and natural alpine trails. Featuring an all-new design, with an adjustable head tube angle, 150mm of performance tuned travel, and the adaptability of S-Sizing, this thing is an absolute ripper…. If you are interested in the Sentinel, the Stumpjumper Evo is worth a look – more balanced geometry (well, The topic ‘Transition Sentinel vs Yeti SB150’ is closed to new replies. The Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, and Transition Smuggler Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. 2021 Stumpjumper Evo User Manual. And worth the extra cash over the alloy bikes, imo. The most important thing in bike - IMHO - is geometry. Whichever one I pick its going to be a Mullet (29/27. The Stumpjumper EVO Expert has better components, the Alpine Trail Carbon 2 has higher gearing, and the Sentinel Carbon GX has a better fork. I’m currently mostly riding a ‘20 Stumpjumper evo pro 27. These settings make for a bike with a more conservative 65. In Australia, prices currently range from $4,999 AUD for the Fuel EX 7, and go up to $8,999 AUD for the Fuel EX 9. The Stumpjumper EVO Comp has a carbon frame and better components, while the Fuel EX 8 has 27. With a ~$4,000 budget, is the Stumpjumper the best for steep. Two popular contenders in the mountain biking world are the Stumpjumper Evo and the Transition Sentinel. 5 head angle with better BB height, also pedals decent too. The bike is part of Specialized 's Stumpjumper EVO range of mountain bikes. The Spur is new to Transition’s line-up, but takes its cues from the Smuggler, their long time 120mm rear, 140mm front travel 29’er. With four easily-accessible tuning dials, Kitsuma is Cane Creek’s latest generation Double Barrel shock, hand built in North Carolina and available in either air or coil sprung guises – and we’d rate it as one of the best shock upgrade options on the market. The Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. First Look: Öhlins 'New and Improved' TTX22m. The new 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy is the entry-level version of the Stumpjumper. We think the Evo Comp is a solid starting point for a lot of riders who want to get into the game without spending close to $6,000. It’s funny how incremental changes in travel wildly alter perceptions about use cases. Field Test: 2022 Rocky Mountain Element. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Specialized Stumpjumper Expert, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension mountain bikes. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. Stumpy Evo Alloy vs CF Spectral?. I'll post some pics of the bike soon. I hear the altitude is plusher while the Yeti is more firm and demands an aggressive riding style to get the most from it. I'm 6'1'' (bout 186 cm) and initially rented a L. Chainstays shift with the frame size, and on a large come in at 440mm. In terms of spec-for-the-money, the Spectral 29 CF 8. Starting in 2017, several of the industry’s leading suspension manufacturers (RockShox, Cane Creek, SR Suntour, X-Fusion, DVO, and Manitou) announced via a joint press release that their new models would start using metric sizing to “…allow both suspension and frame manufacturers to …. For 2021, Specialized has completely overhauled its Stumpjumper lineup to create two distinct platforms - the Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper EVO. The Stumpjumper EVO Comp has a carbon frame and better components. Other than that the bike climbs and descends amazingly. The Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ full suspension mountain bikes. Transition Mountain Bike Lineup">Blister Brand Guide: Transition Mountain Bike Lineup. So, if you’re in the hunt for a bike that’ll let you tackle anything the trail throws your way, you. Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp review: has Specialized …. Budget mountain bike or Baller mountain bike? We put the $9,800 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper up against the $3,400 Stumpjumper Alloy Comp. Stumpjumper ST vs normal vs EVO. The Specialized Status 160, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, and Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy are all full suspension enduro bikes. 2021 Transition Sentinel Test Ride & Video Review. 150mm FSR suspension is paired with a 160mm fork and a frame with unprecedented geometry adjustments. Ibis Ripmo AF vs Specialized Status vs Canyon Spectral AL 6. Launching today, find out what's great about the very latest version right here. The alloy Status MTB is the closest you’ll come to an alloy EVO now. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Transition Sentinel Alloy NX, and Trek Fuel EX 8 are all full suspension mountain bikes. Posted: Nov 26, 2020 at 9:57 Quote: Kind of curious what everyone thinks about this. 2021 Stumpjumper EVO vs Ripmo V2. It really let me suss out performance of both bikes, and compare them to other bikes like the Transition Sentinel, Trek Slash, Canyon Torque (I know, totally difference) and others. The all-new 130mm rear, 140mm front carbon …. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Transition Patrol Alloy NX, and Trek Fuel EX 8 Gen 6 are all aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. But then the evo is lighter and has frame storage. Review: Cascade Components Stumpjumper Alloy Link. While the EVO goes down the path of longer travel and more wheelsize & adjustable geometry options, the Stumpjumper proper focuses in on a single goal – building the single lightest, fastest all-rounder mountain bike possible. The raw finish gives that stolen look mind. With all of the traction and handling benefits of a 29er, but with a smaller, more maneuverable rear wheel, this mullet setup suits a more jibby, playful style…. Since it was launched, the Transition Sentinel has been a bellwether for progressive trail bike geometry. Ibis Ripmo AF, Stumpjumper Evo alloy, transition sentinel alloy are 3 great bikes between 3400 and 4K that are great Reply The way I view the particular spec of Commencal vs Transition is it’s essentially equivalent. We also switched out our picks for the best mountain bike under $1,000, the. The recently released Scout is the first to break with that. Compare: 2022 Specialized Status 160 vs 2023 Stumpjumper EVO Comp vs. The head angle is over a degree slacker, and the seat tube angle is a bit steeper. The EVO is your seat in the eye of the hurricane, delivering unprecedented control, capability and adjustability, along with unexpected climb-ability. They worked with their World Cup gravity team on getting the . The geometry is massively adjustable. This bike climbs like a goat and I can ride …. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes with high-end components. I think the stumpy is a good call. Photo by Michael Lozada Specialized is on a roll with incredible frames and components as evidenced by the latest Enduro bike with a new lower link 6-bar suspension and 170mm of front and rear 29er travel. They’re each a great do-it-all bike. Its more stable and more forgiving. Review: 2021 Vitus Escarpe 29 CRX. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Transition Sentinel Alloy NX, and Trek Slash 8 are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension enduro bikes. S-Works Stumpjumper EVO Frameset. According to Steve Saletnik, who’s the product manager for the current Stumpjumper line, the price increase is due to. It is, to be cliché, long, low, and slack - for a 120mm bike. Good luck buying any of these bikes. The Stumpjumper EVO Pro has carbon 29″ carbon wheels and better components, while the Enduro Expert has more travel. Thorquin Kiki · #2 · May 19, 2021. Otherwise I’d look at transition sentinel or patrol. I’m looking at used bikes to stretch my $4k budget. The Rallon’s head angle is a full degree steeper than the Sentinel’s—a degree and a half in the high position. tell me what you think about …. The Transition Spire Alloy Deore, Transition Sentinel Alloy NX, and Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension enduro bikes. Better Than The 2020 Specialized Enduro?. The Stumpjumper EVO Pro has carbon 29″ carbon wheels, better components, and a better fork; while the Spire Carbon GX has more travel. This design choice prioritizes agility and responsiveness, making it an excellent option for riders who value maneuverability on technical trails. 4 Top-Notch Components; Comparing the Trail Dominators: Stumpjumper Evo vs. The Slash 8 has better components, a better fork, and more travel. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. Transition’s all-rounder, the 29in wheeled Sentinel, gets enduro-focused updates that the British Columbian brand hopes will increase the scope of its. Grabbed a '21 SJ Evo Expert a few months ago and coming from a '19 Transition Sentinel. Seat tube offset at bottom bracket: 87mm. 5WT tyres front and back, EX511s, chain/bash device. I really love the stumpy but the downtube cracked very easily from a rock strike. A lot faster than my old Transition Sentinel `19 Alluminium in L. Also kinda been looking at the transition sentinel but it is solidly in 3rd right now. 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy Review and Weight. The geometry concept of the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO – Super variable. 2019 Transition Sentinel I think the Transition is probably the best pic. Bible Review: Specialized Stumpjumper 29/6Fattie. Climbs well even on tight, tech trails and blazes down. Still I`d say, that the optic is ab bit easier to pedal uphill than the evo, but to. I also agree that, in terms of frame durability, the nod probably goes to the ripmo and sentinel. S2 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO (27. However, if you want to run coil shocks I'd still avoid the Stumpjumper Evo. If you look at this archived Stumpjumper 29 you can see a clear lineage to the stevo. The matched-travel Fuel EX has 40 millimeters lower stack than the Stumpjumper, but a much longer cockpit. Published: April 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm. Bottom bracket height can be fine-tuned up or down by 7mm. The Stumpjumper EVO Pro has carbon 29″ carbon wheels, better components, and …. Hell, it even looks fast in a library. The Stumpjumper EVO Comp has better components, while the Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy has an aluminum frame and a better fork. At Carbon frame Transition has not held back. Customise your decal to perfectly match your bike and your unique style. The best trail bikes are lightweight, tough, and capable climbers that are just as poised and controlled on rowdy descents. 2020 Orbea Occam H10 or 2021 Specialized Stumpjumper comp or. There’s enough room in the frame to squeeze a large water bottle under the shock. In order to use the compare tool, you first need to add some bikes. 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp review. Looks like a great All-Mountain bike for us tall riders. The new Enduro climbs quickly, yet mobs down the nastiest descents at what should be terrifying speeds…with utter calm. And to top it off, it’s build has been hand-picked to keep overall weight low and stoke high…. Its angular carbon tubing and direct, unfussy lines make this one of the sleekest. Mate loved mine, said it climbed really well without locking the shock out. The Mikes battle it out once again to try and figure out which Stumpjumper reigns supreme. Santa Cruz Hightower uses their patented "VPP", using two co-rotating links to drive the rear shock through its travel. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, Transition Sentinel Alloy GX, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. Otherwise, they are identical in every way, including geometry, and this bike has geometry …. Plus, the Rallon’s reach is 20 millimeters shorter than the Sentinel’s, while the wheelbase is 30 millimeters shorter. I finally landed in a 2018 Kona process 153 and the bike rips. It sports 29" wheels, is priced at $5,400 USD, comes in a range of sizes, including S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, has Fox suspension and a SRAM drivetrain. Riding the Specialized Enduro. The Ibis Ripmo AF NGX, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy, and Transition Sentinel Alloy NX are all 29″ aluminum frame full suspension mountain bikes. PB Forum:: Bikes, Parts, and Gear. Though they offer suspension links to fit many of the most popular bikes on the market, my experience with Cascade Components revolves around my personal bike, the 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Alloy. And I didn't include Yeti, Santa Cruz, or Pivot because those are all tipped pretty heavily towards dentists these days. The way I see it is that the standard Stumpjumper is for XC through light enduro riding. Hoping to do a few Enduro races and EWS100 this year. I’m looking at a Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Comp Alloy and the Transition Sentinel Alloy NX. The 480mm reach for a size large is a good match for my 5’11” height, and the 435mm. The Stumpjumper EVO Elite Alloy has an aluminum frame and a better fork, while the Stumpjumper EVO Expert has better components. What do you get when you pair a 29-inch front wheel with a 27. In its neutral-low setting, the bike comes with a 64. Suns_PSD said: That's not an accurate description of the SJ Evo. And an aftermarket shock link allows the standard 29” rear wheel to be swapped out for a. Well, a lot of parts from previous Stumpjumper 29ers carried over, like the shock which is not the case in comparison to the stevo and enduro. A few months back we published a head-to-head comparison of the Specialized Stumpjumper (classic) and Stumpjumper ST (short travel). com/features/Specialized-Stumpjumper-EVO-Comp-vs-Stumpjumper-Expert,2621Video review: https://. Combining the lightweight efficient DNA of the Epic EVO with the benchmark handling and capability of the new Stumpjumper EVO, the new Stumpjumper is the ultimate singletrack flow finder. Each of Transition's new 2018 models were waiting for me in a garage when I met up with some product managers for a ride at the close of this past Crankworx. Two travel models to choose from: 140mm and 160mm. Nukeproof gives a recommended sag range of 30-35% shock stroke. It's the number of geometry options that help set the Stumpjumper EVO apart. I am hoping to get something with more reach without loosing a lot of stack height. Help, Transition Sentinel, ibis ripmo, Hightower. To say it is a new Smuggler is to do it a disservice, but it is something of a distillation of that bike, both literally and figuratively. The Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy has an aluminum frame, the Stumpjumper EVO Expert has better components, and the Sentinel Carbon GX has a better fork. Stumpjumper EVO Comp - $4,099 USD. Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Pro 27. With the enduro down for the count I had to pick the next best option! That’s the stumpjumper evo 29! This bike absolutely rips and I’m not disappointed at a. Some may remember, seemingly long ago, when Evo (short for Evolution) bikes injected descending prowess into standard Specialized models—which brings us to the 2019 reintroduction of 'Evo' to the Stumpjumper line. 2, Specialized Enduro, Commencal Meta AM, Forbidden Bikes Dreadnought, and Transition Spire. 2022 Stumpjumper evo or 2022 Santa Cruz Bronson : r/MTB. 6 ROSE BONEROs or 1 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO S-Works? At € 2,199, the Rose Bonero 3 is the most affordable bike in the entire test field. International shipping available. The head angle can be adjusted between 63- and 65. Stumpjumper EVO · Specialized S-Works S-Works Stumpjumper EVO. The Sentinel was the most aggressive 29-inch bike Transition made at the time, and it featured 140mm of rear travel and 160 up front. Compare: 2022 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert vs Stumpjumper …. (If you’re a huge fan of the BRAIN you can still find it on the Epic—more on. Like bringing a carbon fiber howitzer to a knife fight, the Transition Sentinel Carbon NX Complete Mountain Bike is set up for victory. The new Stumpjumper is a 130mm (rear) 140mm (front) trail bike on 29-inch wheels. Goodbye Camber, the sizeable Stumpjumper range is taking over! Specialized are bringing back multiple versions of the Stumpjumper. Specialized Stumpjumper / Stumpy Evo Transition Sentinel Propain Hugene Canyon Spectral Commencal Meta TR Ibis Ripmo Norco Sight That's certainly a non-exhaustive list. The new Element, with its low weight, renewed kinematics and shock tune, as well as its steep seat tube angle, absolutely delivered on its promise on the climbs. Nukeproof Giga 297 Carbon FACTORY € 6999. First Look: 2023 Specialized Epic World Cup. 8 STA, 336 BB height) Unofficial conversions that look like the geometry doesn't get too screwed up: Banshee Titan (high) 170/155: 64. Thoughts on a Sentinel V1 with cascade link (my current bike) vs a possibly (just an idea right now) frame swap for a specialized stump jumper evo. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. The updated Sentinel Geometry brings it even closer to that of its peers: the 2020 Norco Sight and 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo. Sentinel vs Hightower : r/MTB. Reviews confusingly say this is a "full gas" bike, but bikes like the Sentinel and Spire which have more extreme numbers, are praised for being pretty well rounded? Seems like the STA is really the only thing that stands out about its geo these days. Slash is equivalent to a specialized enduro. Why It Matters: Transition's Aluminum Sentinel and Scout. Specialized's massively capable, adjustable geometry Stumpjumper Evo is one of the best bikes I've ever ridden in twenty five years of testing. Mattntp (Jun 3, 2020 at 9:43) pinkbike is a rag. It’s not often you see a benchmark trail bike stacked with a highlight reel of features on sale for $1,600 off,. Men's Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy 29. All of the bikes saw plenty of ride time, along with the requisite hucks to flat (for science). This generation of Stumpjumper comes in two …. 7 Best Trail Mountain Bikes of 2022. The WR1 is comfortable on longer rides, biggest I’ve pedalled on it so far is 55km/2600m of climbing in one go. The 930 build looks kind of interesting for the price. It looks like the bigger 150mm sentinel is $1000 off on sale right now, but that is probably too much bike. Stumpjumper and the occam are more meant to climb easily and descend quite confidently. Not bad for 160mm front and rear. The Santa Cruz BRONSON S / Carbon C, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all carbon frame full suspension enduro bikes. Compare: 2023 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy vs Transition. I have an order in on a 2021 Stumpjumper Evo Expert, but I noticed a couple. Welcome to the Golden Age of mountain biking. The EVO also has longer chainstays (443 vs. The Ibis Ripmo is a 29″ carbon or aluminum MTB with a long, slack frame ideal for trail riding. It has a linear to progressive to linear curve. The Stumpjumper 29 focuses on maneuverability and nimbleness rather than going long and slack. My Stumpjumper Evo has about 1 degree slacker STA and I'm running a 210mm dropper with the seat slammed forward. Personally, I found the Stumpy Evo to have a more active/plush …. Let's get something clear, the Stumpjumper EVO Alloy isn't a "normal" trail bike. If I could have two bikes, then I would pick the Stumpjumper ST and Enduro. Hey guys, I've been set on picking up the Jeffsy and ordered one, however I just found the Stumpjumper on sale and am considering it. • Price: $3,800 USD, $5,600 USD, $1,900 USD for frame and Float X. This separation really helps the Stumpjumper to identify as a pure trail bike. 5 degrees, while the Escarpe only has. I built the first Chaparral when I was living. Specialized have launched their 2011 mountain bike line in Keystone, Colorado, with an all-new Camber 120mm-travel trail bike, redesigned Epic, updated Safire women’s model plus. the EVO model of StumpJumper has adjustable geometry in a VERY …. I caught a 30% off transition sentinel gx alloy before they went swayze and I'm stoked for now. There are a number of different models available in the Trek Fuel EX 2023 lineup, though availability will vary depending on where you are in the world. Stumpjumper Specs and Geohttps://www. The cheapest option is actually the Fuel EX 5, though that model. Each bike is offered with 29” and 27. Some manufacturers like Intense and MERIDA position the opening of the compartment at the …. 5″ version of the bike (328mm on the 29” version), the bottom. I wish commencal will come up with some kind of mud guard for the rear shock. The Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp Alloy, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Pro, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ full suspension enduro bikes. -Lastly, the Transition Sentinel looks like a great bike and I can get the alloy for $3900 or the carbon for $4,800. Friend of a Specialized shop employee here, rumor is 2024/2025 they’re gonna go back to. So I just bought a 2022 Stumpjumper EVO alloy. That said, my personal 29″ bike is a 2018 Transition Sentinel. Transition Linkages Yeti Linkages Stumpjumper EVO LT Link (2021-Current) Regular price $257. Offthepath; Mar 25, 2022; 7 8 9. So i have a Canyon Spectral CF 7 on order, probably due for delivery ~February, but have just spotted some places have the right size 2022 Stumpjumper Evo Comp Alloy in stock, and now I'm torn. The front end of our S3 sports a stack height of 620mm, reach of 480mm, and head. 849 euros Specialized StumpJumper EVO for 3. You can take it on a long trail ride today and crush bike park laps the next; the Stumpjumper EVO has you covered. If you haven’t tried a bike with it yet, get in here and test one out. – Now in three wheel sizes, yes, three. The Stumpy EVO climbs quite well, enough so that I would guess that. The Transition Spire Carbon GX, Transition Sentinel Carbon GX, and Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Expert are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension enduro bikes. Apart from a little less travel, the Sentinel's suspension design keeps the bike lively and quick. The combination of a 63,6 degree head tube angle and a long wheelbase calms down the handling of the Transition Enduro, even if you ride fast. The Pivot FIREBIRD Race X01, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp, and Transition Sentinel Carbon GX are all 29″ carbon frame full suspension enduro bikes. This is absolutely the right answer.