034 Bowtie Heads Flow Numbers tested at 28" on superflow SF600 bench, 4. There are two versions of the new GM Performance Parts Vortec Bow-Tie cylinder heads: This one, PN 25534371 (bare) and PN 25534431 (complete), with the …. 700, on the exhaust side, the average flow is 179. 440 Source Super Stealth, what flow #'s?. These are some good oval port iron heads with some work 336781, 353049, 3993820. 55 inches Stock Head Flow Numbers. Brezezinski reports stock unported: '492 heads flow 206 cfm Intake and 141 cfm exhaust. 480), and takes the same pistons, cam. Choosing Aftermarket BBC Cylinder Heads for Street/Strip Applications. The heads were definitely redone but I am not sure. just flowed a set of out of the box Brodix Race Rite oval port 270cc head. Im looking to make 5-600 hp with it and thats about it. a AFR 210 SBC Head has a relatively Floor Apex height like a #034 Bowtie Head. With the Vortec flow velocity, chevy has just announced NEW versions of the vortec heads which are designed for increased flow and are similar to the FASTBURN heads but the new vortec 215cc heads are CAST IRON with a 64cc chamber PART # 25534371 bare# 25534431 assembled. The Phase 2 Bow Tie cylinder head (casting P/N 14011034) has the highest performance potential of any cast iron Chevrolet head. Building inspectors can calculate the flow rate of an individual faucet empirically using a 5-gallon. 026 inch thick when compressed and should only be used with cast-iron cylinder heads. Vortec Cylinder Heads fit all 1955-Present small blocks except LT1/LT4 reverse coolant flow engines and current LS1-style engines. 600 the darts keep getting it, at. Approved by IMCA Approved by …. Phase 2 Cast Iron Bow Tie Head, Any thoughts?. Then multiply that times valve lift to establish the flow curtain area. Heads are identified with the Bow-Tie logo on the exterior of the head below exhaust flange and Vortec logo on top of intake port area. So, 267 / 360 equals 74% ratio between the flows of the exhaust / intake valves. With affordable prices from RPM. (186 was a 70' LT1 )The "Fulie" heads have ruled for yearsI don't have on hand the flow numbers for the 461,462 and etc double humps but I believe they all flow close to. A set of 034 heads with some work done for $300 seems like a good deal. Here's a few Flow Numbers i found quickly Flow Tested on June 13, 2004 Ported by a local Friend of mine Ricky Dooley Ricky is just started Porting heads at that time, so he's a Beginner. the engine is a 350 Steel crank, 4 bolt main, 9. Cylinder Heads; Distributors & Caps; Electrical Parts; Replacement Engines; Fan Parts; Flywheels & Flexplates; Fuel Pumps; Illuminated Emblem Replaces Part Numbers …. Heads have 2 nights since freshened. these #041X SBC Heads were Ported by David Layer of "Heads Up" Porting service. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. You'd be hard pressed to find a n/a BBC topped with factory cast iron heads that made more power than Ed Bigley's. You will gain a TON of power between those two heads. Prospects in all of those area codes recognize 424 as local. Testing The New GM L92 Cylinder Heads. Meaning it's a old tech head design. Hi guys, I am looking at purchasing the 508HP Blueprint Engines 400 Long Block. These are "open" chamber heads, about 115cc. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines slow, flowing movements with deep breathing and meditation. The Vortec Bow-Tie heads are beefed-up Vortec passenger car heads with better air flow, a thicker deck, both center-bolt and outside valve cover bolt patterns and the Vortec and conventional intake manifold bolt patterns. No welding or major modifications have been done to these heads. 68 to 1 Comp solid roller 263 @. they will run you another $100-$150 bucks or so, and are …. 88 pulley, Mak Performance 4" inlet pipe, Fore innovations Beefcake budget dual pump fuel system, Stock Cams, Livernois Valve springs, Id-1050x Injectors, Reische 170 degree thermostat, Tial 50 mm Bov, Gt …. 60-inch valves and despite the rather large intake valve, still creates over 100 cfm/sq. Chevrolet Small Block Heads Casting Numbers, Information and Specification. Aluminum racing head; Machined for 2. This air flow improvement will typically add close to 20 horsepower to your 355 small block running a 500 Holley 2 barrel carb. This is the average hp over a powerband of 5,700rpm GM Bow Tie head Summit Racing/Dart vortec 403 tq 293 hp 393 tq 289hp So,. Iron Bowtie casting is just based of the last version of the Double Hump head, the 492 casting, as far as out of the box cast port shape. 2 LT4, Reverse flow, 195cc intake, angle plug. Raising The Roof: The New Kaase SR. The consensus is that with proper porting the oval port heads can flow just a well at above 4000 RPM as the rectangular without losing the middle and lower-end performance. 034 Chevy Bowtie Semi Finished …. 500-inch lift and another flow 300 cfm at. These are heads that need to be on a bigger engine says Lamar who suggests a minimum of 428ci. (A) Measured from lifter valley end seal surface. 500" tubes pressed into between the Intake Port pair, and that divider wall was perfectly straight to the tube, sort of like a Brodix Supr Spec casting, roof was raised and maxed out as high as possible and retained. Our L83 head was developed specifically for the stock displacement 5. Not too bad out of the box but do the bowls, thin the guide bosses, and port the exhaust fully and you can get some nice numbers out of them. One source I use a lot is the Stan Weiss Cylinder Head Flow Database. Big Joe, there are a number of 355 pro one headed BBC that flow 415 cfm and are knocking on the door of 1000 HP in bracket form,, at least from my bench,, these heads may flow 440 on others though. This is the correct intake for the bowtie heads, and would. Complete Brzezinski Racing Products “UnderCover Ported” 350I. More knowledgeable engine builders, however, will also study the mid-range flow numbers between 0. The heads provide outstanding low-lift flow numbers (the more air you flow, the more potential power) and. Re: GMPP #12464298 Flow Numbers. The first one is a set of 190cc Pro Comp heads with 2. Blue Thunder heads with the smallest intake port, the largest combustion chamber and the low exhaust port are a direct bolt on to your Cleveland short block because they are canted valve heads and will work with the Cleveland pistons. I also CC'd them and came up with 163cc intake, Ford says 166cc. General engine tech -- Drag Racing to Circle Track. 88-inch valve package, and five-angle competition valve job to produce serious flow numbers of 387 cfm on the intake and 296 cfm on the exhaust. The 401 aluminum head that's also legal for this combination has the 320 cc intake/120 cc exhaust. com">14011034 heads potential. I've just put together a 406ci (0. RHS 235 out of the box flow numbers ? i just set up this flow bench , i'm only getting 260 cfm at. Not a problem, as the TFS-R heads offered much more than big peak flow numbers. Part 10: Flow Testing an Intake Manifold – Continued: Part 11: Flow Testing the Exhaust Side: Flow test with a header. It was 300-1 or 300-3 strip dominators. On the surface, flow bench testing seems easy, but it’s not. I have a set of bbc bowtie aluminum heads casting number 12363390 came of a zz502 and now going on a 468 and wondering does anyone know the flow number on these heads. the Blue Thunder MR and HR heads are available with "large bore" (427) and "small bore" (428) valve spacing as well as "wedge" and "Quench" chambers. There are several better head choices out there for what is likely to be less expensive in the long run compared to the porting required to get them "up to snuff" for a 427. Consequently, they are MUCH more prone to developing cracks, or developing them sooner, than the 1974-earlier heads. Both are 64cc heads, the engines are almost identical. Intake flows: Lift, cfm flowed & swirl (also. I had the chance to do a back-to-back flow comparison comparing factory "advertised" numbers with actual flow numbers from a SF600 with a FlowCom and Audi swirl meter, 4. Here are the potentially REAL flow numbers from an on-line source for the Flo-Tek 180 heads. Torrecarian says they flow even better than the OEM 243/799 GM heads. Info Tech-Sheet Info Dart engineered the Big M to be the strongest, most reliable, and easiest to build big block on the market. 200 this is why your manifold is giving you problems,and if they were angle milled well this even throws a little …. These are all "nominal" numbers on unported heads. This flow improvement will add 15 to 25 horsepower to your engine. Our testing has shown over 30 hp increase while improving torque below the curve. Edelbrock Scorpion/Trantula, EdelbrockTrYX or Weiand tunnel ram. These are race heads capable of crazy air flow numbers with valve lifts in the 0. 300 then the darts take off, the b-v heads stop at 265 cfm at. 50, 600cfm edelbrock carb, Performer RPM. A head that can move air without major effort is going to have much better low and mid-lift numbers, thus improving the overall performance of the cylinder head. Porting the factory Ford 351W heads is popular for road racing classes. The LS3’s 319-T5 aluminum alloy cylinder heads use 2. missouri_guy1973 said: Stock flow numbers per Sean Hyland's book. 630" on a 110 LSA solid roller it made an honest 560HP and at 3275 lbs. Its single-plane runner design maximizes horsepower at high rpm, and the …. We had no time to check these measurements as all I needed was the test numbers to confirm the balance of the order for shipment today, Thursday. The main benefit of this is that it allows for greater lift, which results in more airflow and more power. The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network >. 600 Cast-Iron Chevy Bowtie heads #034 castings with 2. You'll find that the 2V are pretty much all done by. (not small port nor large port ) They apear to be a new part number for the new revised oem L-31 production vortec heads. 02 valve thats a ton of work to get there but it can be done. The best choices for big-inch stroker engines are W9, Indy, and Brodix heads. Oval port heads are best for street applications where lots of bottom end, off-the-line power is desired. After that I did a set of Sportsman II's the same way and they were 3 tenths better then the Bowties. even with header wrap there is room with a homemade socket. 10243880 Small Block V8 1995-1999 350, 4 bolt, crate engines and ZZ4, roller cam, one piece rear seal. The definitive rectangular port, cast iron, big-block. Seats, guides and valves, the edge goes to the RPM. “Whether the car will be street driven 99% of the time, or if it will be. They were very meant for competition engines and were a decent head in their days. Popularized by Smokey Yunick and …. RPO L99 and LS3 cylinder heads are aluminum with 68cc combustion chambers, rectangle intake ports with 257cc runners, D-port exhaust with 87cc runners, 2. Phase two bowtie heads????. Cylinder Head Flow Data @ 28 Inches of Water. 3873858 1966-67 396/427 Closed 109cc 375 L-78. up Phase 1 034 Bowtie heads, screw in studs, more valve springs, they are ported and ran 11. The 75 was a bowel hog from Goodson. Casting-034 are 14011034 Bowtie, cast iron, 64cc …. Even by the late 60's and early 70's, the 461/462 already had no less than (3) production heads that made them virtually obsolete even then. We Dyno Every Ford Coyote Intake Manifold on a Gen. You typically won't find a 320-330 cfm head with a 170-175cc port. examples, 545 BBF old cobra jet heads 385 cfm-----810hp budget 598 BBC protopline heads 440cfm-----942hp simi budget 515 BBC protopline heads 440cfm-----985hp trick deal anyways, im workin on a 572 ford with A460 heads just …. For a street performance engine, you want a cylinder head with smaller ports that flow well in the low to mid-rpm range. Head Games! A Double Test of Trick Flow's CNC 185 Cylinder Heads …. 400-inch intake valves and heavily ported Z11 heads will get a flow number of 450 cfm. Int runners are 380 cc rectangle ports. 6 valves , 100 thou longer pushrods , very nice inlet , exhaust & combustion chamber port job. Flow test on the un ported 236 heads with a 2. I came across a set of 80's vintage SBC heads that were run in comp eliminator. A stock Bow-Tie head flows 212 cfm intake and 140 cfm on the exhaust. I had one set of Procomp heads I ported for someone and they were the only set of aluminum heads that ever gummed up my carbide bits. 60 valves, screw-in studs and guide plates, I do not know the runner sizes. 02 bowtie heads (034), it is balanced and blueprinted. When comparing different heads, make sure the valve lift is the same and then look at the flow numbers so the comparison is valid. The AFRs and Dart heads in that order are very good heads. However the heads are stock 3973493 heads which are 76cc heads putting the engine around 9. 5:1 compression ratio with these heads, comp cams. At a slightly more realistic lift of 0. BD Series Cylinder Heads/12°/13. Small combustion chamber is very modern shaped, requires a lot less timing, allows for a lighter piston with more volume. If the say 165 it must be 165 min! So it's most likely 170cc to cover any casting movement. On the 461 double hump heads the "X" version had larger intake runners. by F-BIRD'88 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:40 pm. Feb 19, 2012 #2 Bikefixr Veteran Member. 343" stem and the exhaust is a 1. Enter Head Air Flow in CFM: (for better results use total cfm including intake manifold) Engine CID: Select Type of Engine Work: Typ Street/Strip Eng. Regardless of port volume all these heads flow about the same cfm until some 0. The benefits to using our Flow Guides and how much easier it can be. Click the Go to Trane Residential link under the Residential heading on the home page. The 034 casting can be ported to flow well, but when it comes down to apples to apples in terms of air flow numbers, the chambers in the vortex heads make more power out of every cfm that they do flow, plus they have a faster burn rate then the 034 casting which is another plus on there side. I have a set, but need new heads. Chevy V8 "W" Motor 348-409 Casting Numbers. These must be a new design because the ones I have seen before looked like crap. The flow numbers for an as-cast head will be lower by roughly 10 cfm or so in the lower valve lift flow numbers. PRC’s least expensive cylinder head is no slouch, as evidenced by the flow numbers. 7,590 likes · 1 talking about this · 42 were here. Not to bring this back from the dead, but in doing a little digging I was surprised to see there wasn’t an abundance of flow data readily available for the fast burn heads. It has been rebuilt with forged crank, rods, pistons, etc (owner had receipts and I had the engine boroscoped by a mechanic to get part numbers). 60 : Bowtie, Aluminum angle plug, raised runner, 196cc intake ports : 10065202: cc: 1. Just trying NOT to spend the money to have them flowed. We measured our stock iron heads right out of the box and the retainer-to-seal clearance was only 0. 3L V6-90 is a true even-fire engine. With a Joe Sherman/Isky 268/272 -. Flow numbers on the 220cc AFR head are on the order of over 280 cfm at 0. 125inch bore and no exhaust pipe. That superior flow can be partially. The vortec not only has a much better port but a much, much better combustion chamber. “That is because the more streetable camshafts will not have extremely high lift. By Bobby Kimbrough April 13, 2015. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, and if you run a website or write for a blog, please link to our site! Chevy V8 Casting Number Locations. The good thing from Vortec to the old camel hump heads is that the Vortecs make way more tq. Max Port Our original intentions were to fully port and polish the Indy SRs, back-cut the intake valves. 6 rockers,headers ,650 double pumper mech. 600-inch lift, or possibly the 0. 00 each complete,64cc or 72cc chamber. 3:1 I have a new set of AFR 195 Eliminator heads with a 65cc combustion chamber. 60 with screw in studs, hardened seats etc. 600" 227 - 190 Went flat above. You'll go faster, for longer for less money. Cylinder Head Fundamentals: Materials, Options, and Terms …. Lima, Ohio 45804 Text messages to (419)586-673two. flow numbers, compression ratio and cam timing get behind the piston crown shape decision. Phase II 034 Bowtie heads. that you could go back and exactly duplicate the Hemi Chamber if need be on older Heads that had many Valve Jobs, etc. Anybody know what these heads flow on the exhaust side? If I remember correctly the exhaust ports looked weak, but can't remember where I saw numbers for them. They only lasted 5 bottles before the decks pushed up and cracked on me. 55-inch sodium filled exhaust valves), GMPP single-plane intake manifold, Demon 750 carb. GM 502 aluminum bowtie heads. 600? were the test engines valve train tops out there are. 3946074, 3994025, 3994026, 14096188, 6272990. Get the Best Performance with Chevrolet Performance Bow Tie Small Port Cast Iron Vortec Cylinder Head, 185cc Intake Ports 19331470 parts at JEGS. LARGE-PORT VORTEC BOWTIE HEAD ASSEMBLY. after market heads are the way to go these days for many. It is widely recognized for its numerous health benefits, including improved balance, flexibility, strength, and mental clar. 200 inch lift particularly good. 14h 31m PAIR OF SMALL BLOCK CHEVY/SBC ANGLE PLUG TURBO CYLINDER HEADS (340292) 2. Intake has been port matched and has expoxy weld in plenum runners. 8 CR, Blue Thunder dual quad, dual plane ported intake which flowed 315 CFM at. Below is a chart that documents each step of my amature port work on the E7. 100" 110-cc exhaust port – raised. they do not have seats or guides installed. They are really heavy, lot's of room for porting without worrying about finding water. I have heard good thing about the vic jr race heads. Use these casting numbers to identify the heads you have. 700 13/7 With no bowl work, can't expect too much I guess. machining the valve seats for your size valves and providing air flow numbers for your camshaft selection. A poor short-side radius like on older small-block production heads offers a flat floor where the air and fuel shear off the port floor going into the valve bowl, which creates turbulence and reduces airflow, especially at higher valve lifts. Wouldn't claim to be an expert on AFR heads so won't comment on same. 193 casting TBI head flow data ————Intake——-Exhaust Valve Lift—-Flow———Flow 0. It features high-flow intake runners, high-efficiency 55cc combustion chambers, and D …. i have a little info w-port bowtie heads came factory with 105cc chambers and 380cc ports the exhaust ports are raised. These heads were used on just about every small block race engine from the 70s to the mid 80s. attaching the Manifold to Head on a FlowBench test. Cast Iron Vortec Cylinder Head Assembly. I ported a set of 041 heads years ago for a 1979 Z28 , drove it to work everday and it run high 12's with 373 gears. 05 intake valve heads that perform really well on a 10 to 1 358. I have a set of Chevy heads with a casting number of 333882, with 1. In terms of average numbers, the TFS heads produced 485. 230-240 cc intake runners, and a 52-53 cc closed combustion chamber heads, i looked on the stan weiss chart and could not find a. ” 302 posted 357 horsepower at 6,700 rpm and 333 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. The heads provide outstanding low-lift flow numbers (the more air you flow, the more potential power) and Fast Burn performance all in an affordable, cast . Also note that all Vortec designs have far better low- and mid-range flow than even most tier II heads. Supermarkets such as Kroger and Albertsons carry Boar’s Head deli products. I have never flowed the 305 head either, but lets guess it's under 200 cfm, which is pretty safe I think. These heads have raised intake and exhaust ports and 105-cc open chambers. In fact, AFR now has a 290 oval port head that will out-flow 074's. There are Phase 1 and 2 c/n 14011034 (Phase 2's have no heat X-over), and Phase 3 c/n 12480034 for example. This head would be best fitted on a big-inch street big block using a large cam that could take advantage of this head’s high lift flow potential. GM Performance Parts (GMPP), the corporation's high-performance arm, has just released a new cylinder head that can add as much as 41 horsepower to. 750", vanes in port floor (“W” port). Also check out the new pro- topline vortec style heads, they look pretty sweet and will take higher lift cams with no machine work. Engine Parts: Big Block Cylinder Heads. the 461 has a 64cc chamber & the 462 has a 68cc chamber. 61 valve sizes, titanium intake, sodium-filled exhaust12. Stock ports can vary by +/- 8 cfm in the same head. Potential is there but they need porting. They have screw in rocker studs. AFR keeps this in mind when it’s designing cylinder heads, and pays close attention to the port. 600 Tested on SF-600 FlowBench Flow tested at 28" on 4. Intake was 263 cfm, exhaust was 190 cfm with pipe. 500 239 147 These production heads will outflow any other production Chevy small block head and will also outflow many aftermarket heads. Posted By : / cast iron pork chops bone-in /; Under :san jose civic, center covidsan jose civic, center covid. 7 lb-ft of torque and managed 517. Slapping them on a bench to see how much they flow isn't the answer I had better luck with 034 bow-tie heads, we only spin our 2bbl stuff to 7000. New Erson intake valves recently freshened. 5:1 Intake Port Volume: 200cc Exhaust Port Volume: 70cc Intake Valve Diameter: 1. These upgraded production cylinder heads are ideal for 400-450 horsepower street and racing (great for circle track applications) engines. HVH can extract more power from most any 4 cycle engine through cylinder head porting, intake. Next came the 867 Pontiac which was still 23 degree except raised intake runners, teams welded and rolled these to 18 degrees before the actual GM 18 degree heads …. Big-Block Chevy Cylinder Head ID. These heads flow 380cfm untouched and ported will flow big numbers. Plus the yare aluminum so you can run a bit more compression. He wanted the heads cleaned and a stock valve job. Cylinder Head Design Form: Fill out our online form for a recommendation and pricing on a set of heads built specifically for your application. 100" thickness all the way to the spring seat. If your heads flow 350 cfm at 0. 600 so the typical street guy can make a good decision on what they need. How many of these financial numbers can you get right without cheating? By clicking "TRY IT", I agree to receive newsletters and promotions from Money and its partners. The other is a set of Dart 220's untouched. (with a vortec style cylinder head) head than the rest of the crowd, start with the new GMPP Bowtie Vortec heads as a starting point. 125 Honda rod end, 45 lbs 4340 crank with low piston and metric ring set. , Cast Iron Intake Manifolds We are looking to purchase a few of our modified cast iron Small Block Chevy Stage1 2 barrel and Acid Ported 4 barrel EGR Q-Jet. Some things to consider on Fast Burn heads, use Vortec style intake or raised runner Bow-Tie. The GMPP Bowtie Vortec head is a much heavier beefy er casting than the OEM L-31 truck engine 062/906 castings were. The hot setup for your engine would probably be a set of Vortec heads and a cam upgrade. Looks like they did nothing to the exhaust side …. The 034 Bowtie Heads Flow Numbers give users an insight into a head’s potential airflow capability, allowing engine builders to optimize their build for the highest possible performance. The 034 BowTie is too big for what you need. Phase 6 was more like a Sprotsman II head. They are open chamber, 118 cc, 325 intake ports. WORLD PRODUCTS Windsor JUNIOr Heads. 60 valve package with a 238/85cc port volume package to maximize airflow. Aluminum Heads (Iron heads at bottom of page) Read 'em and weep bow-tie boys! Lift: Stock 1. For example, let’s assume that you are building a street/strip engine and have selected a. Nobody has numbers to back up their claims. all you need is a thick 1/8"to engage the plug and for your open end to tighten it. Retainer Part Number: 14003974; Valve Seal Kit: 10132715; Chrome silicone steel; use with aluminum heads P/N 12556463; orange color code Used on ZZ4, Fast Burn, LT4, and Iron Vortec Bowtie heads; Kit for …. GMPP Bowtie Vortec cylinder heads. The heads provide outstanding low-lift flow numbers (the more air you flow, the more potential power. Thitek heads vs ported Apache heads. 94 Heads, i am hoping to make 350-375HP with them. will hurt or decrease Flow Numbers. 88 exhaust Casting Years CID Chamber CC HP/RPO/Comments. Start your review of One Flow Los Angeles Backflow Installation & Repair. We can port a set of old A-429 CJ heads to flow 420 CFM. They first started out as the "292 turbo" head. I was alwayslooking for ways to trade some of the too much low end torque for some more upper rpm power. There were high port Bow Tie heads like c/n 10134363 (which yours aren't). Just so we're on the same page here. 3L Direct Injected engine to deliver improved cylinder fill in the lower RPM ranges while adding substantial airflow increase in the upper Ranges as well. Joe had fixtures setup to reposition Spark Plug holes in 461X's and any SBC at the time, relocate Valve Guide holes and Headbolt holes, etc. The dart headed engine out performs the bowtie setup, stick with at least a 2. Guide to Small Aftermarket Heads for Chevy Small. Afr, Brodix 8-10-11-11Xb, Lt1/Lt4 , Pro 1, Trick Flow -High. The Ford, however, made a peak horsepower …. I had them tested as-is with crusty valves and ports. Holley Pro Dominator -VS- Edelbrock …. So heres my problem these heads are either angle milled or flat milled alot. It looks like you might pay a slight penalty in performance with the iron heads too, because the flow numbers look a little softer than aluminum. Nothing can be done to those heads to improve their flow numbers enough to justify the work done to them. 60 Valves Dual Springs 56cc Chambers Street Port 289/302/351W. Obviously they don't flow as well as the CNC AFR heads, but they're nearly $800 less, use the same valvetrain components, and I'm guessing will have the same lifetime warranty. 7 Hemi, pulled from the engine bay of a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. it outran alot of aluminum headed cars back then. Today's aftermarket stuff will cost a half as much and flat out-perform any worked-over L-88 heads, which BTW, would be worth less on the market once you spent money on porting, etc. rodknocker1 Discussion starter · #4 · Dec 19, 2017. It will support bore sizes from 4. 5 on the exhaust while still using factory valves (note base-line flow numbers are considerably lower than the prior stock heads). The trucks a 93 GMC ext cab 4x4 with 33" tires and 3. Phase II 034 Bowtie heads 1980RS May 14, 2019 May 14, 2019 #1 1 1980RS Veteran Member Jun 17, 2006 6,981 MN Anyone know anything about these heads? I do have a set of the 1st phase that worked really good, are these any better? Anyone make power with them? got some on a trade and just wondering if I should work them over or just get rid of them. Following are the Trick Flow part numbers for the four DHC 175 assembled cylinder head options: With drilled accessory holes. more info: "10134392 - Phase 2 Cast Iron Bow Tie Head. my87Z Discussion starter · May 4, 2009. Edelbrock Intake Manifold Reference Dimensions. The CNC-machined Fast Burn heads require no additional porting for optimal performance, so all you need to do is bolt them onto your Small-Block and go! They can be used on any Small-Block engine with at least 4. flow numbers for gm 461 camel hump heads. The performance-oriented, rectangular-port heads step these numbers up above 300 cfm, but flow (as we know) is the equivalent of go. The water jackets have been moved away from the spring pads. 02" intake valve peak at 210 cfm @. A good stock head, such as GM's iron Vortec castings, will measure around 160cc, but can make more power. RippinRon Discussion starter · Dec 6, 2005. C1 & C2 Corvettes - Dart Platinum Heads Flow Chart- smokinhot - I just looked at the Dart Iron Eagle Platinum Head Flow chart These are some of the most powerful iron heads currently available. 08 milodon megaflow valve , 4 in bore. They are GM p/n 12363425, casting #14044861 alum heads. Heddman and Sanderson both make this style header. Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Bowtie 034 Cylinder …. The founder and owner was Larry Olsen, who had been working with Larry Ofria of Valley Head Service for a number of years. These heads were refreshed with the following:. 50-inch valve package in an attempt to keep the price down. 600 1st Level porting Flow tested on SF …. 1 compression and a b&m 177 blower with a 1050 dominator havent pick out a cam yet street and strip …. 900˝ minimum bore size to fit the intake and exhaust valves. 10243878 Small Block V8 1996-1997 305, 2-bolt, Vortec truck, roller cam, 1-piece rear seal. Bowtie Phase III vs Other Iron Heads. The biggest percentage of gain in performance can often be gained by increasing the exhaust valve diameter rather than the intake. You will not be able to make as much performance for less with any other production head except for maybe some Bowtie heads. Complete Cylinder Heads Guide for Big. With our CNC Sportsman Porting the intake air flow improves to 210 cfm and the exhaust will flow 160 cfm. Big Block Head Flow Bench Test ( 990's & Others ). Rare "solid" Bb Chevy Aluminum Cylinder Heads Cast#14011077, Part# 14011004 on 2040-parts. Comparing Cylinder Heads and Fasteners for Chevy Small Block …. These value-priced cast-iron cylinder heads use modified combustion chambers and high-velocity port technology to provide improved performance. Track 1® Series Cylinder Head/23°. 600 inch valve lift, the intake flows 360 CFM @ 28” of water equals about 740 HP for an NA application with ‘no’ pumping losses. The number seem to be what I would be expecting based on what I read in the Procomp sticky at the top of this section. and blue thunder heads in the class or are they more racy. Nice thing they aren’t thin wall castings so they are pretty robust. 700-inch lift making these a great pairing with a large camshaft. Current Engine VortecPro 460 (513 HP) Original is resting. Bowtie head casting number 14011034. The iron Bowtie casting is really intended to be ported before use. The cam, shorty headers, 3 deuces, and the as-cast Bowtie heads flowing nothing special are all limiters to the power you could have made. Dart Iron Eagle or Vortech Heads. 600" I have some that will hit high 380's to mid 390's at. Buddy of mine has a set on his sand drag rail runs around 3. This engine comes with Blueprint aluminum heads which have a 220cc intake port and a 64cc combustion chamber which puts compression at 10. A similar head, PN 10159552, was used on the 300-hp 350. They are listed as "LS1" heads, as they require a minimum 3. '12 issue ("Eight-Budget-SBC-Head Shootout"), in which we wrestled eight less-than-$1,000 heads on our Slayer 350 small block Chevy. 355 ci 010 block steel gm crank, bowtie rods, weisco +14 cc dome pistons. 4L Hemi BGE heads? They are basically hellcat heads with a 6. co Cast Iron Bowtie Head &model= …. If they are phase 2, cast iron as you stated, the casting number should be -14011034, or 034 …. The core shift quality is pretty much even between the two. If you have any of this missing info or some of this is wrong please e-mail me. True measured combustion chamber volume: 64 cc. With “Undercover Porting”, the intake air flow is improved to the 240 cfm area. Valve type,lift, weather conditions. Post by JODY » Wed Dec 02, 2009 3:25 am. 500", the intake's hold there, the exhaust's go slightly higher and flow about 145 @. We also offer SST- Street Porting and CNC-Sportsman Porting to the Dart SS heads. They are over the counter racing heads. are the stock aluminum corvette L98 heads any good?. Intake flow on stock SS heads is in the 215-220 cfm range. The flow numbers for the newer heads are so much more than the old ones and the combustion chambers are much better for making power. (B) Note that exit dimensions may vary slightly. 08 gears so they must put out atleast 400 hp, I think stock the peak flow numbers around 225cfm? on …. 60" valves, springs are set up for max. Note that the Gen3 valves are almost 1mm larger and the ports are 12 more cc volume than Gen1. 290 & 049 heads have oval ports. These numbers are obtained through a testing method known as ‘flow bench testing’, which measures air-flow through the intake and exhaust ports of the. Both shared the same casting number14011049. This is the base casting number only which is shared by all of these heads and depending which head is produced such as bare or complete and chamber size, it will get a different part number. Roller cam with high button Isky lifters using short pushrods. ) Stand up straight with your head up, and take a deep breath. Evidently these new heads from Trick Flow. 0 Peak HP at 8500-8600 RPM for DragRacing , not so hi RPM engine should make 600 to 650 HP Range Public Link to Flow Sheet Data + Pics here :. If you need to know if a part is in stock, please call prior to placing your order. I doubt there's much (if any) difference betwen a 1955 triple-nickel head and a 1956 354. See all 18 photos 18 photos The Dart 275 heads not only have strong intake-port flow numbers, but also offer some of the best exhaust flow numbers in this test. Tunnel Ram and 660 Holleys. The 225cc head will flow 266 cfm intake and 164 cfm exhaust in stock form. 72 exhaust would be close to the cylinder wall. Condition:Remanufactured Brand:GM Bowtie Manufacturer Part Number:14011034. they also out flow many Aluminum heads a stunning improvement from the often also ran Dart's. A stock Vortec Bow-Tie head will flow 234 cfm intake and 151 on the exhaust. Use Fel-Pro exhaust gasket #375-1470. I am hoping they are adequate enough to make this engine fairly torquey and last a while too. 3856208 1965 396 Closed 109cc 375hp/425hp z-16 chevelle. 0 cc and the exhausts no larger than 120 cc. The d-port 455 engines peaked around 4000/2800 (hp/tq, respectively), while the round port 455s peaked around 4400/3200. 50-inch intake/ exhaust valves, 64-cc chambers, straight spark plugs, and a heat riser. 600 Valves No Valve Backcuts on valves, No-Pipe on Exh Ports. IMO the 820 is the better base to start considering the chamber size and with only bigger valves, I know that single upgrade really wakes up the closed chamber heads. I have never seen flow numbers for the Bow Tie …. You can also see that lifting these heads to the moon doesn't buy much. 350 inch intakes are 420 cfm unported and work just great on his aluminum block 509s. Joined Aug 20, 2003 Messages 14,719 Location Aiken, SC. The 292 was indeed the "turbo" head. The LS3 heads hit the flow bench. 6 valves, E303, and performer intake went 8. com">SBC 400 Cylinder Head Showdown. So on the 400, the larger round port heads and cam caused HP to peak roughly 500 rpm higher. There are two versions of the new GM Performance Parts Vortec Bow-Tie cylinder. Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Bowtie 034 Cylinder Head GM 14011034 Ported. Find information about Trane serial numbers at Trane. The engine has forged flat tops and 2. PN 10134392/Casting number 14011034 is the Phase 2 Bowtie, cast-iron head with 64-cc chambers and port volumes of 184/55 cc. 2016 Ruby Red GT/CS 401a Exedy stage 2 6r80 build with billet input shaft, 3:55 gears, Procharger Stage 2 D1x (750/539 RWHP) with 4. Note that although the flow isn't all that much higher on the small-port bowties, the intake/exhaust ratio is FAR better. Trick Flow Cylinder Head Twisted Wedge 11R 190cc Intake 2. Small Port Cast Iron Vortec Cylinder Head. 59 in (40 mm) exhaust valves, and a 15 degree valve angle. How will it perform on a street car? How does this head compare to any of the modern after market heads available today? They have 62 cc chambers, 2. The OEM 062/906 heads got the reputation of cracking because all the used market heads were take off heads of old abused L-31 truck engines that developed a intake gasket leak fault causing loss of coolant. OE Vortec: mild porting, valvetrain-modified. Exhaust requires LT1/LT4 style flange due to raised "D" shaped ports. This head was designed for the drag or oval track racer who wants a lighter weight cylinder head that can make a significant difference in horsepower. For street engines, these numbers can be useful for no other reason than the valve will hit …. There are seven part numbers offered for Bowtie blocks, some with the standard 9. We got our 482-inch Ford FE finished up and on the dyno where it promptly blew our minds by cranking out 700 hp and 640 lb-ft of torque. I am trying to compared flow numbers from the 4V heads, to the 3V heads. I have a chance to pick up a set of Bow Tie phase 2 heads with a casting number 14011034. 10088113 350 88-up Corvette, raised runner D port exhaust, 58cc, angle plug, 1. Vortec Bowtie Cylinder Head Technical Notes:. But here's the problem with air flow numbers and computer programs that use them. 487 is good flowing head, just no hard seats, nither does the the 461. Older 034 bow tie head iD recomendation/thoughts for a 350. 800-inch deck height and one-piece rear main seal, and others with a tall, 10. The CJPonyParts link has peak flow numbers for stock Gen1 heads and curves for various ported versions. Take a standard Edelbrock Vic and a good head like a 225 AFR ( for example ) and. Why Local Tai Chi Instructors Are Key to Mastering this Ancient Art. I run a set of dart iron eagle 215 runner, 2. heads of the 70s and 80s?. The heads provide outstanding low-lift flow numbers ( . flow cooling: 10128374: 92-up: 350 : aluminum, reverse flow cooling, 175/68cc ports: 10134352 : Bowtie, 45cc, angle plug, low port, 223cc intake port, aluminum, 18' race head: 10134363 : This block number. We have a 421 cu-in with 363 18 heads flow at 370+ it makes 900Hp with cast single manifold. by DanE2 » Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:12 pm. 600 the darts were 272 cfm an at. Vortec Heads outflow Bow Tie Heads right out of the box and are a 20 to 40 horsepower bolt-on increase over earlier cast iron small block heads. You won;t see the flow limiting effect of the swirl vane when tested at low test pressures. has any body tried any bowtie 18 degree heads. Although the Phase 2 cast iron Bow Tie cylinder head has the same casting number (14011034) as the Phase 1 head it replaced, there are several significant differences. The 292 "Turbo" and the 034 "Bowtie" head were both offered thru GM but were never factory installed on a vehicle. These heads were over the counter racing heads for off road competition use only. With peak intake flow numbers of 384 cfm, the heads we capable of supporting over 750 hp, but on our 496 manage 691 hp and 603 lb-ft of torque. 120 inches (number-3 and number-4); cam bearing inside diameter: 1. AFR’s Enforcer LS heads are listed as LS1 heads because they use cathedral-ports with a 3. The exhaust ports will flow close to 140 cfm stock. When the 416 305 heads are nicely home ported with 1. Flow Test an intake manifold on a head. 3L V-6 has the same bore and stroke as a 350 V-8 (4. On a motor running 7,000 rpm the difference from a stock Bow-Tie to an “UnderCover Ported” head is easily 25 horsepower. For the record the customer bought these assembled on ebay for …. i've Ported a few pairs of #781's all-out, its a lot of work, but you can get into the 800+ HP range on 496cid upwards. However, I knew a shop that specializes in not only porting heads, but has a real talent when porting …. The heads provide outstanding low-lift flow numbers (the more air you flow, the more potential power) and Fast Burn performance all in an affordable, cast-iron head. A run-of-the-mill stock iron small-block's intake ports might measure around 150cc. The Shafiroff 440ci small-block with SB2. 88 cfm As you can see the exhaust starts to back up at. Upping the head flow to 300/200 it's. For a larger stroker motor (400 to 450 cubic inches), heads with 200 to 220 cc …. A guy I know has these and Im interested to know more about them. Flowed on two different Flow Pro machines. The best way would be to simulate both flow numbers on an. The 187 casting head is not a `TPI `head. The cylinder heads have rectangular intake. Why You Need to Know the Uber Customer Care Number for a Smooth Ride Experience. even though the Epoxy might show you better FlowBench Numbers. They both flow in similar numbers until. 787” at the intake and 259 cfm at. The old 96-2000 era 906 and 062 vortecs flow 228 cfm out of the box. 35 : Enter a quantity and : Need a Price Pfister part number? Try contacting P. RECTANGULAR PORT - Valve size 2. Casting #14011034 is a matching pair of cast iron Bowtie Phase 2 heads. Small Block Chevy; Sold Individually. 89 inches Exhaust Valve Diameter: 1. Many hours of R&D have gone into the development of our incredible Gen 5 LT CNC program. 125-inch larger than the intake valve in the P-51 …. This is a large-port head at 220-cc and offers excellent intake flow numbers. 7Nova1 Discussion starter · Oct 14, 2006. 190 intake valve, no back cut, 4. Dart has recently released some new heads SHP 180cc and 200cc. Small Block Chevy Compatible aluminum Cylinder Heads SBC. Wondering just how much these heads are capable of flowing with port and polish work. In another vintage Blue Oval vs Bowtie dyno showdown, a pair of 1969-spec 302 Trans-Am engines are pitted against one another. The Canfield is comparable to even the much vaunted AFR 220 up through 0. 0 eagle i beams ported vortec heads, flowed 252 at 500 lift on in, 180 somethin on exhaust …. and sodium filled stainless exhaust valve with modern LS style Beehive valve springs and components o Improved air flow (281 cfm @ 0. Some believe this engine makes 750HP!. 2157 Cast Iron Cylinder Head Small Block Chevy 350 w/Flat. 580 valves these were some old flow test numbers Flow tested on SF-600 FlowBench. If you pay attention to the cross sectional areas in the manifold and look. But making more than 900 horsepower without boost or squeeze—a power. Edelbrock, CHI, and AFD all produce aluminum alloy Cleveland heads. These numbers are from what I assume is the earlier version, based on the casting number being lower. The Phase 6 aluminum Bow Tie cylinder head (casting P/N 14011049) is the product of years of testing and development. 184cc ; Cylinder Head Style: Bare ; Cylinder Head . BIG-BLOCK BOWTIE RACE CYLINDER HEADS 12363425. 600-inch lift while maintaining excellent flow numbers even at the mid-lift positions. 380cc Intake Port, bowtie, W port: 14081044: 86-90: 454: Oval. The flow numbers suggested the Edelbrock heads would support more than 530 hp on a wilder application, but they performed well on our mild 331, adding 85 hp. This design caused the cooling system to develop hot spots and that is why the 400 …. SBC Heads: Blueprint H8002K vs. These improved flow numbers also . What Is the Flow Rate of a Typical Shower?. Read More » DART MACHINERY, INC. 200-inch deck height and two-piece rear main seal design. 000" Bore Fixture Lift----Intake----Exhaust ****No flow numbers available on exhaust were lost on computer's harddrive !!!-----GM Chevy LT-1 aluminum heads 2. The exhaust was very impressive creating an E/I ratio of 72%. The combustion chamber measures 64cc’s in size and the heads need an engine with a minimum 3. Early runs of the '03 DOHC head fell victim to the same number 6, 7, and 8 cylinder coolant flow problems as earlier tumble-port castings. I also have some numbers on …. the most powerful, Vortec Bowtie cast-iron head within the Chevrolet Performance portfolio. After full upgrades with valves/porting it's probably a toss up, the 781/049 are more plentiful so maybe cheaper too. The flow numbers, cfms, are calculated to 28" of water. ville Lifetime Premium · #12 · Nov 24, 2002. Estimate Horsepower from Head Airflow. Note: These are average numbers. When comparing cylinder-head flow data, it seems that everyone always looks at the maximum-lift flow data. Vortec Bowtie cylinder heads come with bigger valves, a thicker deck surface and 66cc combustion chambers. If you must maintain a stock looking port, consider our “ Undercover Porting ”. The heads however are new to me and I dont see a lot of reviews on them so I figured I would ask on here. It would be nice to see some recent flow numbers on stock and ported heads. The Ultimate Chevrolet LS Cylinder Head Test. The smaller valve makes "sense" on paperbut the 2. To help the larger motor make power, the 347 received an XFI236HR cam from Comp cams. The stock 241 head flows at 220 on the intake. But especially for street engines, the smarter move is to look at the mid-lift flow numbers. 370-4oocfm from a ported R head thats impressive. In general I think the 993 is considered a better head than the 882, a littler heavier casting too. Was angle milled to the max, small …. the trick flow is it a better power curve i have heard the trick flow makes more power but the SCJ heads are pretty popular on bigblockfox. These are 225cc-intake-port heads (the standard Vortecs are closer to 170, and the small Bow Tie Vortec is 185 cc), and we've seen flow numbers upwards of 250 …. Re: Some SCJ flow numbers 83-88T-Bird Guy October 11th 2010, 9:15 pm. 94 valves they flow more than stock vortec heads, more than the summit-darts vortec, more than stock camel backs. For example, an exhaust-port flow of 152 cfm at 0. Using an online formula for hp potential vs airflow Hp= max intake flow x. They appear to be GM 14011034 - Bowtie, cast iron, 64cc chambers, …. Summit Vortec heads are made by Dart. GM Vortech Heads with 170cc Intake Runner. of " Heads Up #041X "Flow tested 1 Year apart ( 2003 vs 2004 ) same 4. 700-inch intake valve while the longest stock 429/460 valve is a mere 5. The engine was tested with 2 1/8 dyno headers and had 30* of timing Dr J's Pump Gas 496 4. Current engine is a 355 sbc, large Vortec bowtie heads (215cc I think) with bowtie raised runner intake,780 Holley SMI race carb on 91 octane, 9. The showerhead standards will change again on July 1, 2018, when they will drop to a maximum flow rate of 1. 65@125mph 406 with home ported Dart 215 heads. Just watched his latest video where they tested 4 different heads. As for who to talk to at dart on these, speak to tony. it has a little "X" on same Runner pair as 041 number along with raised corner stripe. Holding those springs in place is a set of steel 7-degree retainers and AFR’s standard 7-degree …. The low and mid-lift numbers are impacted by how efficient a cylinder head works. Ed, ive had hookers, both sidepipes and comps on angled plug heads on my 70,73,80 and now the 82. With our “ Undercover Ported ” they will flow 220-230 cfm intake and 165 cfm exhaust. The intent here is to run four pairs of the Dart Platinum Pro 1 heads having intake port volumes of 180, 200, 215, and 230 cc. Casting Numbers 14044861 and 14044862. Bowtie Street Cylinder Head Technical Notes: • Made from 356-T6 aluminum. (C) Complies to current NASCAR engine parameters. by F-BIRD'88 » Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:13 pm. 055" valve on a solid cammed 406, 11. Somebody mentioned the 1972 castings. Recommended for street, towing, or street/strip engines from 350 to 383 cubic inches, …. The Chapmans I/E ratio ranges from 72 to 82% with an average of 77. Buy Small-Port Vortec Bowtie Cylinder Head Assembly From Karl Kustoms, One Of The Largest Online Retailers Of Chevy Performance Parts In The USA. At this point in addition to replacing the intake manifold which is happening no matter (the new RPM Airgap arrived today), I have two choices; First option is to stay with the Bowtie 034 heads currently on the engine and get a better matched flat tappet hydraulic cam and new lifters. I thought I post these flow numbers on ported vortec heads ive seen posted , just in case anyone has ever wondered or wanted to know the flow numbers a set of stock vortecs. With the installation of larger valves, it will not only generate sufficient flow for good top-end horsepower, but the Vortec’s high swirl and port velocity also means. The Bowtie head is pretty old and long in the tooth. 410" Intake Port CenterLine Length EGT's averaged 1240 deg F with Pro Ram II Intake here's Dyno Torque Numbers Note=> these are the raw uncorrected TQ numbers the Corrected Numbers were much higher, but i've seem to have lost that Sheet or misplaced it. DNA Motoring currently has multiple facilities right here in the US as well as overseas. With similar flow numbers the only real big difference here is iron verse aluminum and cost. First multiply the intake valve diameter times Pi (3. 530" lift camshafts without modifications. Coyote Alternative: Trick Flow Gets 466 HP Out of a. “The size of the engine, rpm range, camshaft, type of fuel, weight and gearing all factor in,” says McInnis. I had my GT40 Y303 heads flow tested. Bowtie Oval-Port Aluminum Cylinder Head Assembly: * Completely assembled with 2. Good job Blake ! Those numbers from. These heads made 540hp on a 327 or 350-360 cubic inch. The 3rd version of these heads are suppost to be 225 cc. Gen II LT1 angle plug aluminum reverse flow cooling 175/68cc ports. 8L NA heads + his worked over 2. The basic spark plug requirements for the Bow Tie head is 5/8" hex-head with tapered seats and 3/8" reach. 60 valve package, and peak flow numbers of 372 cfm on the intake and 261 cfm on the exhaust. the 461x has a little bigger intake port (170 v/s 160) & the 041x has a 68cc chamber with a 170cc runner. The PowerPort heads shared the large (122cc. The margin on the intake valve. 40" which is were you would want it for the street. What are they worth? - Guys, I have a set of true bow tie 034 heads. by needforspeed66gt » Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:48 pm. The canfields out flow the Iron eagle 200's accross the board and give up only peak flow numbers to the iron eagle platinum 200 while smoking them in midlift flow. Here, for instance is the flow, intake and exhaust, of the L31 Vortec GM head, part number 12558060, casting number 12558062 0. Known stock Coyote intake port head flow numbers are 289. 400 inches of valve lift have taken place (see Fig 1). To calculate the water flow rate, square the pipe’s diameter, and then multiply that number by pi,. We are #1 in Cylinder Heads since 1980. GM Performance 25534371 Large port Vortec head. A look at the flow numbers for the 317 and 243 heads (see charts below) shows that the flow of the 243 marginally outpaces the 317, a sign we should expect more power from the 243. A good valve job and chamber cleanup would really boost the low flow numbers. 066” farther apart than in most Mopar heads, and this allows more room for larger valves. This product is street legal in 50 states for 1994 and older emissions controlled vehicles under …. As cast Bowtie 034 heads flow less that stock production Vortec heads do. 2 Heads Power Up Gen I SBC. 030 over, stock crank and rods, KB hypereutectic pistons, Comp 275DEH cam, ported and polished vortec heads, Comp Valve Springs, Harland Sharp fulcrum roller rockers 1. Hi all need some info on Big block gm heads casting numbers 3946074 aluminum rectangular open chamber heads used on L88. 3 Liter Truck Material: Aluminimum Part Number: 12559862 12561706 Combustion Chamber Volume: 61.